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Transcription GENT . MAG . Murcb , 1732 .
Mar. 1. Hon . Lieut . - General Wm . Keppel , colonel of the 12th reg . of dragoons , uncle to the prefent Earl of Albemarle , and fon to the great earl , who went ambaffador to France in the year 1754 , and dived fo deep into the councils of that politic court , as to difcover the dark defigns refpecting America , and gave fuch valuable information to the British court , as enabled his late Majetty's minifters to fruftrate the Gallic defigns , and to nip their intentions in the bud . Gen. Keppel was fecond in com mand at the fiege of the Havannah under his brother in 1762
Lieutenant Colonel in the 12th Light Dragoons .
THIS officer was appointed Ensign in the 56th foot the 1st Sep tember 1784 ; Lieutenant in 1790 ; and Captain 31st March 1798. With the latter rank he served in the Mediterranean . The 1st March 1794 he received a Majority in the 12th dragoons , and served in Italy and Corsica . The 30th November 1796 he received the local rank of Lieutenant Colonel in Portugal , where he served four years . The 1st January 1798 he was appointed Lieutenant Colonel in the army ; and the 30th August 1799 Lieutenant Colonel in the 12th dragoons . In 1800 he em barked the regiment for Egypt , and commanded it and all the dismounted cavalry on the landing , and in the battles of the 13th and 21st March . He commanded the brigade of cavalry in
the expedition up the Nile , consisting of the 12th dragoons , de tachments of the 11th and 26th dragoons , with the light - horse artillery , and took several detachments of the enemy ; also the in the desert , consisting of 500 camels , with detachments convoy of cavalry , infantry , artillery , and dromedary corps : he was also present at Rhamanie and Cairo . He was appointed by General Baird to succeed Colonel Montresor as Commandant of Rosetta . The 25th April 1808 he received the brevet of Colonel ; he embarked and proceeded with his regiment in the expedition to the Scheldt ;
1769 .
Half Pay Portuguese Service .
THIS Officer entered the service as a Cornet in the 14th Light Dragoons the 14th March , 1789 , and was appointed to a Lieute nantcy in the 12th Light Dragoons ( which he purchased of the Duke of Wellington ) the 12th of July 1791. He succeeded to a troop in the same corps the 29th of June 1793 , and whilst holding these Commissions was almost constantly quartered with his Reg . in Ireland . In September 1793 , the 12th Dragoons was ordered to embark for foreign service at the Cove of Cork ; its first destination was to join the force in the Netherlands under the Duke of York , and it put to sea for five days in the hope of reaching Ostend ; but contrary winds compelling its return to the Cove , fresh instructions found there altered the former destination for that of Toulon , which had voluntarily surrendered to the British fleet then commanded by Lord Hood , and the news of which had arrived in the interim . The delays and false calculations then attendant on the almost novel cir cumstance of furnishing provisions and supplies to regiments of cavalry destined for a sea voyage , with the subsequent adverse winds and protracted passage , occasioned such numerous defal cations and wants , as obliged the regiment to put in , and seek both at Lisbon and Gibraltar fresh supplies of forage and water ; the completion of which occupied so much time , that Toulon had been evacuated by the British forces previous to the arrival of the 12th Dragoons .